Our Projects

Continuing to do good

Parenting Therapy

For the past five years, the Dolev Dormitory has offered a special program of meetings with parents. Once a month the administrative staff and the

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Hosting Families

Every person is born with a good core-being unique to them. Sometimes, emotional distress, stemming from potentially many sources such as family circumstances, studies,  behavioral

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Dormitory In Jerusalem

The DOLEV Homes for Ultra-orthodox (Haredi) At-Risk Girls is an initiative of the Dormitory In Jerusalem, established for Haredi young girls who are referred by the Welfare

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The Tamar Dormitory

Welcome to the Tamar Dormitory. The dorm absorbs girls referred by the Welfare Departments from across the country. The histories of these young women are

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The Gefen Dormitory

The Gefen Dormitory is a ‘warm home,’ a source of stability and an island of emotional tranquility for the young girls who have been discharged

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