The Treatment Center

In order to create a learning experience different from the one experienced in the past, we have built a personal and unique treatment plan for each of our 120 young girls who study in our institutions. This is with gratitude to our broad range of consultants, psychologists, emotional care workers, and social workers who envelop the girls with a wide range of programs individually tailored to them.

The Treatment Staff:
Consultants – who specialize in working with girls with emotional problems.
A Clinical psychologist – who not only gives direction and guidance to the staff, but also treats the girls.
Social Workers (7) – who serve as Case Managers to the girls and who apply the treatment plans and incorporate all the variables activated within the framework of the organization for the benefit of the girls.

Common therapies:
Therapeutic gardening. Therapeutic gardening is a developing field. Within this framework, the girls in the garden place emphasis on precision, cooperation, interpersonal communication and more.

Arts: Two caregivers, who work in the Arts offer therapies in a wide range of enriching fields. They expose the students to the broad world of art.

Petting Zoo: The organization employs a person trained in animal therapy. He involves the girls in the care of the animals, preparing them to gain greater personal responsibility.

Drama: The girls are exposed to the world of drama, where they can improve their self esteem and communication skills by putting on performances.

The organization invests NIS 2.4m yearly in the many programs of its Treatment Center.

The average cost per girl, for all the treatments is NIS 20,000 per year.

Precise and deep treatments for each girl, can change her future and those in the circles around her.. With your support, we will help our girls already with the completion of their high school years, to become an asset to Israeli society, and not a liability.