The ‘Three Stage Program’

We all find ourselves in a process, moving between different stages in our lives. For the most part, we strive to be on an upward trend. But it is good to know that we can also descend, and from this position to take responsibility, and pave the way to ascend once again. We cannot, nor is it wise, to skip these stages. Each stage has its own time and distinctiveness which contribute to strengthening and enhancing the special personality which everyone possesses.

The goal of the program: To develop self-control and responsibility among the students, by using the unique application which serves the entire staff, the students, and the parents.

The central idea is that each student, during her studies with us, passes through the following three stages:

1. The stage of self-protection (color red). In this stage the main effort is to convey to the students that the educational institution is a safe place for them, and will provide them with their basic needs.

2. The stage of belonging (color yellow). During this stage, the student creates trust in her surroundings, and builds positive social ties.

3. The stage of meaning (color green). During this stage the student experiences personal growth, and both initiates and takes upon herself responsibility.

In this program of stages, the student is allowed to make choices, but she must bear the consequences of her choices, and in practice, she transfers responsibility, in a staggered process, from the staff to herself, the student.

Our Request:

Participation in the cost of developing the ‘Stages Application’ and its adoption among the staff and the girls, is estimated to be NIS 95,000