The Shenkar ‘Blossoms’

The program is running in cooperation with the Shenkar College in Ramat Gan.  It is a unique project which allows excellent students in the Faculty of Design to meet with 22 of our capable At-Risk girls with talent in the fields of art and design.  There is a very small percentage of students hailing from low socio-economic backgrounds.  This stems mainly from a lack of awareness on the part of this population to the possibilities which exist to develop professionally in this field.  A second factor is the high cost of tuition at these colleges.

Within the program which has been consolidated, there are twice-weekly classes, of four hours, at the Shenkar College. Here the young girls come, accompanied by a coordinator of the program from the organization. They have an enriching and learning encounter with the students in the arts/crafts and design departments.

Our students are learning a variety of techniques such as printing on textiles, sewing, working with plastics, illustration, graphics, jewelry making, and more. 

At the culminating event at the end of the academic year, the works of the girls are displayed in a unique exhibit, in the presence of public figures, donors, designers, the academic faculty, parents, and friends.

Cost of the program – NIS 120,000 a year.

Our request:
Funding a special grant of NIS 6,000 per young girl. It is in our power to change her future, and provide for her the opportunity to develop professionally, as she learns from the best in the field. This will benefit her and give her the chance  to launch her potential for success.