The Gefen Dormitory

The Gefen Dormitory is a ‘warm home,’ a source of stability and an island of emotional tranquility for the young girls who have been discharged from frameworks of psychiatric treatment or are under psychiatric follow-up. Here, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of confidence, and are embraced within home-like surroundings.

Ten girls reside in every home, with up to 4 girls to a suite with a shared bathroom and shower. Each home has a spacious common area, with a large dining room, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Within this home are separate living quarters,which includes the space for the devoted and amazing house parents. Their job is to manage this unique home. The couple cares and looks after these girls as though they were their own children. They send them to after-school activities, and health appointments, oversee their breakfasts and suppers, their clothing, and medications. They ensure order in the home, and act as a second family for the girls. The girls, together with their dear house parents, manage the home in every aspect. There are rotations for kitchen duty and clean up (and arguments over whose turn it is just like in a regular home …)