The Tamar Dormitory

Welcome to the Tamar Dormitory.

The dorm absorbs girls referred by the Welfare Departments from across the country. The histories of these young women are not so simple, and in fact, sometimes they are very difficult. We accept these young girls into a ‘warm home,’ so that each of them can find tranquility and stability during troubled times.


The histories of these young women are very difficult.  For a number of reasons, these young women are not receiving the appropriate response from their communities. First of all, the dormitory gives immediate protection to these girls who were previously in vulnerable, defenseless situations. It removes them far from the dangerous situation to which they were exposed.

Afterwards, we assist these girls to build a new world for themselves, where they are center-stage, and the center of attention. It gives them an entirely new opportunity to develop their personalities and potential. We invest in them many resources, to give them a sense of being protected and living in pleasant surroundings. The staff is both trained and dedicated, and the girls benefit from a wide range of emotional and health therapies.