Dormitory In Jerusalem

The DOLEV Homes for Ultra-orthodox (Haredi) At-Risk Girls is an initiative of the Dormitory In Jerusalem, established for Haredi young girls who are referred by the Welfare Department to live away from their families. In this dormitory, we maintain the Haredi lifestyle. The goal is to integrate the young women to return to their communities, armed with  empowering tools .

These girls seek to maintain a Haredi lifestyle and environment. The girls, in junior and high school  come to the dormitory and receive attention which includes therapy sessions and emotional care.  The therapies given here are under rabbinic supervision, and in cooperation with the Welfare Department and the Jerusalem Municipality.  In each ‘family setting’ the girls reside with a house mother, a social worker, counselors and caregivers. They provide a holistic response, and the best professional and personal care all day long, for the duration of a year. The girls study in high schools which are suited to them – both academically and religiously, including spiritual studies, with access to full matriculation. It also includes a theoretical technology track. The approach of the ‘Dolev Homes’ for teens is expressed as well in the Dormitory In Jerusalem, in building a program which offers personally tailored involvement. 

The program combines the acquisition of invaluable skills, such as developing self-control, strengthening spirituality, affinity for, and awareness of personal abilities, taking responsibility and initiative, working on internal and external boundaries, respect, chessed, and appreciating the environment.

All this is achieved by means of positive experiences, individual consultations, after-school activities, socially cohesive activities, community service voluntarism, and more.

Partners in the program are the Ministries of Welfare and Education, the Jerusalem Municipality, and the Yedidut Toronto organization