Accompanying Graduates

 Some 50% of the students of the Ulpana qualify for full matriculation, which opens for them a broad window of opportunities, allowing them to advance to higher learning, or to a range of employment opportunities when they finish their studies with us.

The Dolev homes for youth continue to invest in the young girls even after they end their stay with us. About 12 years ago we established a “Home for the Graduate” intended for the girls who finished their official stay with us.

The ‘Home for the Graduate” is located inside the campus and offers the graduate a warm home. Here, they go forth in meaningful National Service in the community. Here they can complete their matriculation studies, and plan with us their futures. They are not alone. Additionally, we maintain a grant fund to benefit those graduates of the Dolev Homes who are interested in pursuing and acquiring a higher education or professional studies. The Ariel University in the Shomron recognizes our girls, and every year absorbs our graduates into a special program within the university’s framework.

The Dolev Youth Homes has a coordinator for its graduates who is responsible for maintaining a connection with them. Our graduates who go out to live in the community can always continue to receive the assistance of our staff. This could take the form of consultations or personal guidance, helping with beginning a family, or if needing financial assistance.