A Unique Institute For At-Risk Teen Girls

Together we will grow hope and change the life's story of more girls at risk

Central boarding schools

The Tamar Dormitory

Welcome to the Tamar Dormitory. The dorm absorbs girls referred by the Welfare Departments from across the country. The histories of these young women are

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The Haredi Cluster

The DOLEV Homes for Haredi At-Risk Girls is an initiative of the ‘Haredi Cluster,’ established for Haredi young girls who are referred by the Welfare

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The Gefen Dormitory

The Gefen Dormitory is a ‘warm home,’ a source of stability and an island of emotional tranquility for the young girls who have been discharged

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To leave the world a little better than you found it. That's the best a man can ever do.

- Paul Auster -

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In the past decade, the organization has outlined a unique way of including the students and formulating rehabilitation and trust-building processes, dealing with the problems of drug and alcohol violence, as well as forming and shaping a stable self-identity.

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More on our activities

Organization facilities

The organization operates various workshops such as ceramics, photography, wickerwork, agriculture, as well as classes such as a music room, recording studio, gym, makeup, art, hair styling, field trips and more…

Welfare of the girls

‘Occupational Ofek’ is a professional training center in a variety of fields: confectionery, hair design, cosmetics, fashion design, etc.…

Thinking about your futures

A project under construction, creating an employment incubator adapted for our girls. Mostly agriculture work.


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